Your Ideal Place to Relax and Retreat…

 Wings Hinterland Retreat has it all!

There is no other property on the Gold Coast that compares to “Wings”. Not only is this amazing property absolutely massive in comparison to anything else, at 1500 square meters and nearly 100 meters across, wing tip to wing tip, it is an amazing value when you consider you can comfortably sleep 25 people!! We are convinced that we offer the best value for money,  accommodation with similar included features, on the Gold Coast that we know you wont find  better value!

If you are splitting the cost with family or friends , we recommend the following split based on $2000 per night :
Bed 1 : $325 or 16.25%
Bed 2 : $250 or 12.5 %
Bed 3 : $325 or 16.25%
Bed 4 : $150 or 7.5%
Bed 5 : $325 or 16.25%
Bed 6: $150 or 7.5%
Bed 7: $150 or 7.5%
Bed 8 : $325 or 16.25 %
The clean fee of $850 should be divided equally by how many family/ or people

The Property sleeps 25 People in beds. 


 In accordance with Gold Coast City Council and Holiday Rental Group Code of Conduct, this house IN NOT A FUNCTION VENUE and has a strict NO EVENTS, No Parties, No Weddings, No Bux parties Policy. As this property is situated in a rural residential suburb, in consideration to our neighbours we request all guests keep noise to a minimum outside and observe the residential area ‘quiet time’ From 10pm to 8am. Strictly no loud noise outside after 10pm and no street parking is allowed. Any additional cars need to be parked 3 mins away  down the hill at Gilston Park opposite GILSTON  school.