The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s favorite places for wedding ceremonies and reception celebrations. And why not? With over 40kms of pristine golden sandy beaches, immediate access to a mountainous hinterland and all the modern conveniences of every major city, the Gold Coast can cater to every style of wedding and produce a backdrop for the most amazing wedding photos imaginable.

The chances are though, if you have been invited to a wedding on the Gold Coast, you will be travelling with your whole family. More often than not, this will include an extended family, or friends of the family also. So you will be travelling in a large group. Accommodation options can be difficult in these circumstances, as it can be challenging to keep everyone together at a reasonable price.

This is where the amazing facilities at Wings Hinterland Retreat can be the perfect option for your travelling wedding entourage. As we sleep 21 people, we can cater for your entire group. The 6 star facilities and amazing views will add a level of luxury to your trip that you will never forget. The Wings Hinterland Retreat is also the perfect haven for the whole bridal party to retire to, to recharge after the big day.

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