If you are hosting a small dinner party, intimate family reunion, look no further, Wings Hinterland Retreat has it all! There is no other property on the Gold Coast that compares to “Wings”. Not only is this amazing property absolutely massive in comparison to anything else, at 1500 square maters and nearly 100 meters across, wing tip to wing tip, it is amazing value when you consider you can comfortably sleep 20 people!! We are convinced that we offer the best value for money,  group accommodation with similar included features, on the Gold Coast that we dare you to find better value!

We are NOT a party house. So if you intend to play load music, stay up to 4 in the morning, this is not the property for you.
We have been forced to take the step of installing Noise monitoring devices between our Neighbours to insure they are but disturbed. We live in a peaceful cul de sac and love and respect our Neighbours privacy, therefore we have a ZERO tolerance policy for loud music after 10pm. Strictly no amplifiers, DJ equipment or speakers are to be brought onto the premises.



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